You can only use this server if you have a legally purchased Minecraft account for PC or Mac. Read the server rules before you come to our server.

Server IP:

General Rules
The rules below apply to the entire server. In addition, each game mode will be treated separately for the specific rules. It is not possible to grant rights to this file.

– The repeated sending of messages, also known as spamming, of the same messages is not permitted. This also applies to commands that you can execute such as teleports.
– Using an offensive * or otherwise inappropriate skin is not allowed.

– Building inappropriate structures is not permitted. Examples are swastika, strip clubs, genitals and other things that can be perceived by other people as inappropriate.
– Lying against staff members in office is not permitted.
– Scolding, both with and without illness, is strictly prohibited. We want to have a positive atmosphere on the server.
– Showing inappropriate * behavior in both chat and other in-game features will be penalized. Think of sexually tinted conversations, inappropriate characters or other offensive texts. Nor is it intended to ridicule someone’s belief in any way whatsoever. Everyone can have their own faith and any discussion about this can be done better outside the server.
– Bullying / threatening / intimidating fellow players and / or staff members will not be tolerated.
– Abuse of alternative accounts is not allowed. This differs for each game mode which is / is not allowed. If in doubt, ask a staff member or read below for the different rules per game mode.
– Advertising **, in which way and for any platform or service whatsoever, is not permitted.
– Use of hacks and unauthorized mods *** or the imitation of them is strictly forbidden. This includes but is not limited to: Hacked Clients, autoclickers, macros or other external programs. It is also not allowed to put things on your mouse or keyboard to get extra stats, points, XP or other benefits.
– Minechat (Online chat program), or similar programs, is not allowed.
– Using a weakness / error also known as a “bug” in our system is strictly prohibited.

– It is only allowed to purchase in-game items or ranks via, our official online shop. Any other form of real money purchases is not allowed and can lead to a ban. Items that have been purchased / sold via illegal means will never receive support or support from the server and if you receive a ban you will not receive any items / money back. This is also known as real-world trading.

Never give away your account information! Also to staff members, a PartyCraft Staff member will never ask for your account information, not even through the mail.

– In addition to the above rule, it is not allowed to abuse a staff member who does not comply with the rules. When in doubt always contact an Admin!

– PartyCraft Lead may at all times, also from the general regulations, remove players from the server (permanently) if the player, according to Lead, has a negative influence on the PartyCraft Server.

– Each player has the duty to report suspicious and / or prohibited activities to a staff member.

– Abuse of the report system is not allowed (including spamming)

* Improper or offensive behavior means all actions that can be considered inappropriate by another person. comprehensive but not limited to scolding with illnesses, using nude skins etc.
** Placing PartyCraft related links such as channels from the Owner and Co-Owners with live streams or other server related IP addresses such as those from the (kingdom) teamspeaks is allowed.


– Elytra glitch is not allowed.

– AFK jumping / cheating is not allowed.

– PVP Logging is not allowed.

Creative plots

– Building large redstone “lag machines” is not allowed. This ensures that our servers slow down and that the gaming experience is reduced. We want to prevent this.

– The use of cheated items (for example, lvl 127 enchants) is not permitted. These items can be injected or copied from others via banned mods. This is not the intention.

– Inspiring, or possession of inappropriate heads is not permitted. Example of this is (as with inappropriate skins) a Hitler head, genitals or other offensive things.

– Spamming the TPA command is not allowed. This means that you often use consecutively / tpa {name} so that someone’s chat is completely full with your TPA requests.